Thursday, August 3, 2017


We made it to the beach this past weekend, pending rain and storms notwithstanding. I knew it might sprinkle or that we might get caught in some showers but I do love a cloudy beach. So when I learned it was going to be cloudy I wanted to go more than ever. We drove down to Virginia Beach with my parents who were here last week, picked up Ken's mom and headed to First Landing State Park, which has a lovely beach access spot. We spent a couple of hours lounging on the beach, rolling around, playing in the sand and munching on a packed lunch. It was relaxing and we scuttled off the beach just in time to miss the rains.

Afterwards we went to a chocolate store, a new coffee spot I hadn't been to before called, Roast Lab, and I got to check out a few thrift stores (and found a couple of treasures!). We had an early dinner together before heading to Ken's mom's house to hang out a little bit before heading back to Richmond. I hope we get to make another beach trip before the summer ends. 

I've been in a weird sort of funk these past few days. It's a mix of things: my parents recently leaving and me missing my family, realizing that summer is coming to a close, some financial concerns, and trying to figure out this work-life balance, as always. Maybe also the upcoming transition of Sloane into kindergarten? I feel funky and frail. I want to spend my time moving slowly through the days, so that's where my mind is at but my body is a-going. 

Sloane is turning five this weekend! I'm letting it slowly sink in, and telling myself to enjoy all the moments of preparing for and throwing the celebrations. This morning, Sloane woke up early with me and accompanied me through my morning routines and helped me set up breakfast. It was nice, during the first quiet moments of the day, to be able to give her all the attention and I gave a hundred kisses and squeezes. 

The last time Logan was at the beach was when she was one and I guess she didn't remember what it felt like to walk on so much sand, because this was what her face looked like when we first took her shoes off. She wobbled around slowly getting used to it, with this look of glee mixed with confusion. 

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