Tuesday, August 1, 2017



I turned 34 last week and I'm happy about it. I like myself more, I'm more understanding about the parts that I don't like. I realize more than ever how much I don't know, and I am extremely appreciative everything that I have been able to experience until now. I'm more specific about the things that I want and need, and my relationships are deeper. It's good to be 34.

  I really like my birthday. It's a combination of being someone who likes celebrating milestones and it being in July, and lately it's become a day that I resolve to spend with my family doing things that I've been wanting to do. For example, for my birthday last year, I opened up a special bottle of wine, made a tomato pie, had sushi for dinner, and ate at one of my favorite restaurant's, Perly's, for breakfast. 

This year, I wanted to visit places in Richmond that I have been meaning to visit but haven't had the time. My parents were here last week, so I took the day off and we spent the day running around together in Richmond; it was perfect and exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday. My parents left this morning and I already miss them.

First spot was Pottersfield bridge, a new pedestrian walking bridge over the James River. It was a beautiful and clear day, and we got to see so many great spots on the river by walking across and back.

Do you see the elephant?

Next stop was North End Juice Company. They opened up in the fan area and serve juice, smoothie bowls, empanadas and a few other savory items.

I got a really tasty smoothie bowl. If you know how I feel about good smoothie bowls you know this 
 made my day. We also tried one of their green juices and an empanada. They were all good!

We headed to Saison Market next and picked up some beverages for later, including Blanchard's newly released cold brew.

Next on the list was the trio of small shops which is Na Nin, Addison Vintage and Yesterday's Heroes. They all had such fun and great pieces; I will be back to explore and discover some more.

For lunch, we went to Perly's! One of my favorites. I usually end up coming here for my birthday because I love it so much. This time I got the duck and potato pierogies and the schlubby fries...it was all so delicious.

Photo by Lola Lu, with the help of Sloane.

Sloane wanted a hot dog and lots of pickles, and she went at that hot dog like a pro.

We got home late in the afternoon for naps and quiet time and slow-paced cooking for dinner. My mom made us all a Korean meal and Mignon made me a Smore's pie over which we saying happy birthday.

It was a perfect birthday. 


  1. ummm your moms bag killed me. what a lovely day

  2. haha also was going to comment on your mom's bag. that's awesome.

  3. such a lovely day! i love seeing today's richmond through your eyes- love you!

  4. ahh! happy belated birthday! looks lovely. why oh why don't i have tickets to richmond this year? did you turn around your dining table?