Monday, June 19, 2017


Cheers! This weekend was a good one, bursting at the seams. I hobbled into bed Sunday night and hobbled out, tired but pleased, and journaling it now makes me feel like I could write a little novella just about this weekend. I'm barely having time to do morning pages or do any other sort of writing, so this be it for now. 

(These days, what I fantasize about is doing everything as slowly as possible. Breakfast as slow as everyone wants and needs, a slow and meandering walk with no hurry to get back, leisure Lee cuddles with no rush, ample time to cook dinner.)

On Saturday morning, Mignon and I went to a nearby park to go running on the trails. Ken and the girls came along, and they walked around and played on the playground while we ran. This is the scene I came upon.

Afterwards, both girls asked for pho! It was one of those moments where it was the four of us sitting at a table, and both our girls sat there with bowl and utensils in hand, eating up the whole bowl. Lola barely needed any help, and it felt like a new era. Look at her!

And Friday night! We celebrated some birthdays. Both Emily and Caroline have birthdays in June, so we gathered at Hilary's place (who had tiny party hats and cupcakes ready) and we celebrated with wine, cupcakes and pie, and hours and hours of conversation. It was the best.

Saturday afternoon was HOT. And it was The afternoon we deemed to be the one where we finally pull out some of the giant weeds growing around our yard. there are still some left to be done, but we got a good amount of work in, thanks to my little helper.

I have been having a lot of fun making cocktails. Usually I like the challenge of using whatever I have on hand, which has been cucumbers as of late. I make cucumber juice and then mix it in with some gin (for a gimlet) or tequila (for a margarita) and plenty of lime. 

  This isn't the best photo, but it's the only one I got of Ken this past weekend and hey he looks studly in it! It is nice to have a day to celebrate fathers; this one here is a really good one and we are so glad he is ours. 

For Father's Day, I asked Ken what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted to do the same thing we had done on Mother's Day: to have friends over to grill, eat, and talk. We did just that, this time with the addition of swimming and lifting weights in the garage gym. We talked and lingered into the evening and had some really good food while we were at it. 


  1. i love it! ken does look so great and so dad-ly in that picture. :)

    i really like that you guys hosted for mother's and father's day... i want to do that next year.