Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Summer has just begun and I already have full blown anxiety about it ending too soon. Such is the trial of summerphile who loathes the cold. Less than three more months! is the worried cry in my head.

There are so many things I'm looking forward to this summer. At the top of that list is spending time with my girls. They are interacting and playing together so well now, it's a new dynamic when it's the three of us or the four of us. I love being a part of that! 

On Memorial Day a few weeks ago, Ken and I had the day off work and I made it my chief goal to not plan anything. I actually wrote on our calendar, "Home", with the intention that we would stay at home all day, and we did. I was meal prepping most of their afternoon, but other than that, we took things slow (I think I even read a book for an hour, uninterrupted) and just enjoyed being together at home. I snapped these photos of the girls that day to capture their sweetness and togetherness.

We opened the pool that Monday too. It has been such a big pain in the butt, but we are going to make it worthwhile this summer. After the pool guys had come and finished their thing, the girls took their apples and lounged like this in the sun room, chomping away and enjoying the view.

Later that afternoon, while waiting for Ken put away his winter clothes and organize the closet so that they could go swimming, these girls had the BEST time dancing and falling over in our bed. Being in their presence and watching them in their bliss made me so happy.

I'm hoping for more "Home" days this summer, and I've also written up a summer bucket list to help me assuage some of the anxiety about summer being over before I can really take stock of it.
  1. Spend quality time with the girls 
  2. Enjoy our trip to Ohio during the first week of July to celebrate Karen's wedding 
  3. Celebrate all the summer birthdays (Logan's, mine, my dad, my BIL, SIL, and Sloane's)
  4. Celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary 
  5. Spend as much time with my and Ken's family as possible 
  6. Lots of pool time, especially with friends. Help Sloane get comfortable with swimming 
  7. Keep working on our podcast
  8. Jazz at Dogwood Dell's festival of the arts 
  9. Go to the beach at least once 
  10. Go peach picking
  11. Get stronger, lift heavier 
  12. Make a lot of cocktails, and drink them
Also some house related to-do's that I will list up here and then check back in later to see if I actually accomplished any of them:
  1. Touch up paint on kitchen cabinets 
  2. Pull out dead bushes in yard
  3. Paint the frame of the sunroom
  4. Put curtains up in girls' bedroom and playroom
  5. Find rug for dining room 

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  1. what a fantastic summer it already is and will shape up to be!

    i love a post with many photos of these two