Friday, April 28, 2017


Coffee is my one great love these days. It always is, but the love intensifies when the need intensifies. It was really busy at work for me the past couple of weeks, and for Ken too! Our lives are maintained at a balanced andbusy hum, but when one of those things ramps up, it really puts the pressure on everything else. Case in point: we have about six loads of unfolded laundry sitting in piles around the house. (Usually it's just two or three ha). So back to coffee, I am passionate about it. This passion has recently led to me adding sparkling water to cold brew, which is a thing and which is very refreshing and now I have it in mind to add things like sparkling grapefruit soda and sparkling lemonade to my cold brew. I've read about it but haven't been intrigued until now, and I'm committed. Also, on this topic, one of my favorite cocktails ever is black cold brew or espresso + simple syrup + bourbon. So good. 

Last Thursday was the day!!! Kindergarten registration day. I was nervous about it and then not nervous and then nervous again. It helped that Sloane was sooo excited. The experience rattled me more than I thought it would (what do you mean I have to do it your way? What if if I don't want to?!) but all in all, it was a good experience. The people seem great, the school seems awesome and Sloane can't wait to start. Unfortunately, that same morning we noticed something was going on with Logan's right arm. She wasn't using it at all, and when I eventually got her to use it a little bit, it was shaking and slow. It freaked me out and we headed straight for the pediatrician after Kindergarten registration. The pediatrician said it was likely a misplaced joint, attempted to reset it, and then directed us to the orthopedic doctor just in case, who took X-rays, put her in a cast to help her set it, and then directed us to the lab for blood work to rule out any infection. It was harrowing, but luckily Ken had taken off the morning as well and it felt good and right for all of us to be together.

Here is my sweet little dinosaur. She picked out the dinosaur print for her cast all on her own (Sloane was lobbying for the American flag print haha). She is so adorable and ferocious and I can't get enough of her!! even when she is clinging to my leg and won't let me walk out the door to go work out or needs extra cuddling, it's hard to mind too much.

And my big girl too. I've been aching for some one on one time with her so I can give her my full attention for a prolonged period of time.  I am scheming up ways that I can take her on a date or a trip just her and me. These days she is so smart and funny and she really sees me.

Logan has acclimated to life with the cast tremendously and easily. She made all necessary adjustments and carried out without a moment's hesitation, it's quite remarkable. We as grown ups would probably moan and groan about the inconvenience, but this 21 month old easily accepted the fact that she won't have the use of her right arm for a while.  Along with this new development, she now always wants to wear this dinosaur shirt.

Also recently! Our friend Mignon is living with us for a little while and we love being able to see her everyday. Both girls get giddy and silly when they are around her! Probably due to happiness.

Miracles of miracles, we got ourselves together for a morning meet up, just like in the old days! With 9 kids between us, our weekly morning prayer meetings (that we have had now for almost six years!!) had to teeter off (trying to talk with 9 kids running around proved impossible, much less pray) and hopefully we will be able to resume it again somehow in a later season of life but this one time we made it happen immediately because Meghan is moving away. We will miss her immensely but know that this change will bring many good things for her family.

Last weekend, Ken and I went to a wedding and it was blissful to be out together. He really feels like my partner in crime these days more than ever, and we both really cherish any time we get to talk and just enjoy each other!

I posted about the talent show here  but I also wanted to include a video of Sloane's performance in its entirety. The song is Vivaldi's 'Spring' as performed by Black Violin. I came up with the concept of the dance and Sloane came up with all the moves herself. Each movement represents something about spring - wind, sun, blooming flower, twirling flower, bird, sky.....and repeat. (Here is another version of the dance with Logan joining in, if you want to see. Keep an eye on Logan, it made me laugh so hard the first time I watched it through.)


  1. Lovely update. Thanks for sharing. Crazy to feel all the changes and how time is moving so fast!

  2. 1. this dance NEEDS to be done in that dress
    2. Eden watched with me and kept saying 'oh thats just adorable'
    3. logan running into the camera