Monday, April 3, 2017


 I think it is safe to say that spring is officially here. I could cry about it I'm so happy. Two weekends ago was the first weekend where we had the full extent of the longer days and the lovely weather, and we made full use of it. We were worn to the bone each night, but it wasn't a terrible thing; there is a privilege to being tired from hard work. So that was two weekends ago  and this is the first chance I've had to do this post, which I'm going to go ahead and do because I want to commemorate the frenzy and romance of these first few weeks of spring.

On that Friday, I actually took the day off and spent the day with Sloane. We spent the morning attending the Discovery program at the Richmond Symphony orchestra for kids where they played beautiful pieces to introduce various instruments of the orchestra - we all, kids and adults alike, loved it - and then had an outdoor picnic and romp outdoors at Brown's island. Afterward Sloane helped me run several errands, which I enjoy doing with her so much. I love her company and conversation as we go from place to place. 

Also, I've been experimenting more with cocktails these days, trying new recipes I've been meaning to try, and happily partaking. It's come in handy for all the spring cleaning we've been doing. That weekend, we started tackling that list. I cleaned the sunroom, wiped down the frame the best I could, realized we do in fact need to give it another coat of paint, spent lots of time outside with the girls, worked on putting together patio items, made soup for a super party that night, went to church, made what seemed like one million meals during meal prep, started painting the kids picnic tables I salvaged, and Ken spent all of Sunday afternoon chopping wood (from large hunks of branches that had fallen from a giant pine tree in our yard) and hauling wood and branches to the dump. We are slowly making our dent in our to-do list and we are doing plenty of high-fiving to commemorate it.

Cheers! Here's to you, spring. 


  1. ok I had things to say about this post but then Logan in the sink made me totally lose my train of thought! Shes absurdly cute