Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This past weekend, we put on a kid's talent show with a bunch of friends!  It was great fun. It was hard to predict how engaged or attentive kids these ages (3-7) would be at something like this, but they were all marvelous in their performance and admiration for each other.  The support in the room for each performance was magic - both from the parents and from the kids.  The kids are already talking about what they will do for next year's show!

The plan was for it to take place outdoors, but the weather went from being days of mid-70's last week to dropping down to the 50's and threatening rain during the weekend, so we moved location to our friend's basement, where they often host music shows, and it ended up being the perfect spot.

The acts included:
  • Sharing a drawing that was done in 82 minutes (Isabella)
  • Reciting the "ABCs" with one eye closed (Naomi)
  • Body worship (Owen and Lily)
  • Ballet dance (Eden and Winnie) 
  • Singing "How Far I'll Go" (Winnie)
  • Drawing a monster (Ira) 
  • Dancing to Vivaldi's "Spring" (Sloane) 
  • Reciting two poems (Eden)
  • Blowing a balloon and drawing a face on it (Davie) 
  • Dancing an Irish jig (Loa)
  • Singing "On the Good Ship Lollipop" (Nora)
  • Tap dancing (Evelyn)
  • Reciting the fable of "The Spider and the Fly" (Simone)
  • Singing "You're Welcome" (Thad)
  • Displaying light saber fighting skills (Ezra and Isaiah) 
  • Magic trick (Owen)
  • Demonstrating basketball skills (Josiah)
  • Singing two French folk songs (Imogen)
  • Singing a song in Japanese, "Sea and Sky"(Psalm, Simone, Sloane, Evelyn, Imogen, Owen)
  • Singing "Fishing in the Dark" (Isaac) 

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