Monday, March 6, 2017


This past weekend was a doozy! We had several family members come through to visit, there was a birthday party, a friend came over to help us with a project Ken and I are doing, there was church, and Ken and I even got to go on a date.

This date was made possible by Ken's mom being here to watch the girls and Cava, a made-to-order mediterranean bowl place that is now one of our favorite places to go for an easy, delicious, healthy meal. We went again on Sunday after trying it for the first time on Friday!

Do you see what I mean?? It is my dreams come true.

Two of Sloane's friends from daycare had a joint birthday party and we were both so excited to go. I love hearing stories from Sloane about her friends at daycare, and it was even more fun to see her playing with them!

In the afternoon while Logan napped, Sloane, my MIL and I did water colors. 

I call this period of Sloane's artistic life, "the rainbow" period. 

In the afternoon, we went over to Scott's addition again for ice cream, but also because I wanted to check out the new location of Class and Trash that opened up there. It was such a fun place to peruse. Here are some pictures from there:

I love this chair.

Sloane was all about this tricycle. She also found a doll house and a little umbrella to play with. 

Tiny umbrella! Also, I was trying to not get too attached to that rug there. 

Coffee ice cream for the grownups, cherry vanilla ice cream for Sloane

Lola being very generous with her Greek yogurt!


  1. Cava!!! I love Cava, it saved me during my final Whole 30 days haha

  2. I want to try this Cava place. Maybe Ill get R to take me for my birthday