Wednesday, March 29, 2017


....Ken and I are launching our very own podcast.!! 

Not a baby (lest you were fooled by the title of the post), although sort of it is. It is a creative baby that we have been working on together and it has been really fun (and yes, time consuming). 

The episodes will consist of conversations we have with our friends about various topics that focus on what they are passionate about and how that impacts their relationships. The idea is that we will be exploring how friendships and created and grown, thus making authentic communities.

We are hoping that if you listen, you will not only learn something new about our guests, but it will continue the conversations within your own communities. 

Right now our goal is to go for 20 episodes and then assess if we want to keep on going. This has been one of those experiences where I truly feel the benefit of the process no matter the outcome or longevity.

You can now listen on iTunes to our 8 min Intro episode that explains  the “what” and the “why” of the podcast and also the name.  You can also stream the episode directly from our website  The episode with our first guest will be released on Sunday, April 2nd, and we will release a new episode every Sunday! 


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