Monday, March 13, 2017


It is this guy's birthday today! We celebrated with a shrimp broil last night and today I'm doing things like swooning over pictures of him with my babies and making lists, like reasons why he is a spectacular. As a brand new 34 year old, he is:

Brave: Lola pooped (some huge poops) in the bath the other week while both her and Sloane were in there. Chaos ensued and he came in and calmly scooped out all the poops. This is not the first time he has done this and there is a certain kind of courage that is displayed in such an action. 

Brazen: He is not afraid to say what he thinks, and will speak up for what he believes in.  

Scrupulous: One of the things I find annoying about him is one of the things I admire greatly about him, because I am not that way naturally. He does our taxes, manages most of our bills, and double-checks everything to make sure our house doesn't burn down. In the dark moments I call him anal; on most days I call him my hero. 

Funny: He makes me laugh, a lot. Even (and especially) when I'm trying hard to stay mad at him.

Driven: When he sets a goal, he does everything he can to reach it. The most recent example is the goal he set of competing in his first weightlifting meet this summer. He is working really hard for it and I'm proud of him for putting in the daily work it takes to pull this off. 

Creative: He often protests that he is not this, but he is so creative in the way he thinks outside the box and is quick to make unique connections between ideas. I love having conversations with him because of this kind of mind he has. 

Hungry: Literally, but also these days he is hungry for the Word and also for community and has been finding great satisfaction in both. 

Doting: He adores our children, and adores our friends children. I see how they light him up and fill him with joy. I love meeting him in this sort of exuberance.

Passionate: Specifically, he is passionate about me and our marriage and this is all the more meaningful and precious each year that we are married. 

He bends me, strengthens me, and he can still make ache and swoon. Happy birthday love.


  1. I also get to know him better and I agree with you that he is honest and brave, because
    he is not afraid of being himself with anyone including God,
    which is a great gift.

  2. This is so beautiful. Happy belated birthday Ken!