Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We love good ice cream! This post is solely to share some photos of a sweet afternoon last week when we went to go check out Gelati Celesti's new location in Scott's Addition. This is a neighborhood we used to live in and loved, and part of us wishes we were still living there, especially since so many great restaurants and breweries have opened there in the past couple of years. The weather was perfect that afternoon so Ken and I both got off work a little early to enjoy the daylight and ice cream with each other.

While the rest of us got ice cream, Lola got the plain Greek yogurt I had brought in my bag for her. I did the same thing with Sloane whenever we went to go eat ice cream until she was about two years old and they are none the wiser! They think that they are eating what we are eating and are quite happy about it.

Strawberry for Sloane, cherry vanilla for Ken and coconut cream for me. I'm usually faithful to my coffee ice cream (Blanchard's Dark as Dark!) but the coconut cream (especially on a cone!) is my second favorite.

See? Quite happy about it. 


  1. I love everything about this post

  2. first of all, so jealous about this dress-wearing, bare legs, and flip flops! it has been snowing this week in seattle.

    second of all, brilliant move on the greek yogurt.

    third of all, yes to coffee ice cream, always.