Friday, February 10, 2017


Helllo!! From the end longest week ever!

It has been one of those weeks where life is non stop. At one point last night around 9:30 pm after I got back from working out, I found myself trying to do some work, looking up my student loan information so Ken could file our taxes, starting my CBR reading, researching what foods make you gassy, cleaning up the kitchen, doing the dishes, packing lunches for the next day...all at the same time. The thought did cross my mind that this was multi-tasking at its worst. I finally got into the shower around 11:00 pm...and then Lola proceeded to keep me up for the next hour and a half. And then Rusty had a full out panic attack because of the rain. And then Ken had to leave early this morning, so it was a mad rush to get the girls out the door and off to daycare, and then to get myself to work in time for my morning meetings. So. Here we are... so very happy to almost be done with this week, excited to visit my sister in D.C. this weekend for her birthday, and looking forward to getting another chance at a new week.

Anyways, I wanted to share some photos that have nothing to do with this past week. They are from a few weekends back on a leisurely Saturday, which for us means a slow morning, trip to the library and errands, and an afternoon of cuddling and naps. 

During the weekdays I love waking up early before everyone else, but on the weekends, I love trying to sleep in while the girls wake up and play together before we even come get them. Usually Ken is out the door early on Saturday mornings for a workout, but  but this particular morning he stayed home, which felt so nice. The girls crawled into bed and we all snuggled there for a while in no particular rush. Then I made a chocolate Dutch baby ('cause Smitten Kitchen told me too!), we spent an hour at the library, ran errands and got some of our favorite ice cream to go.

And yes that is definitely Sloane in a fancy dress eating breakfast. She wanted to change into it as soon as she woke up.

The tiniest little nubs on top of her head! This was her telling me she wanted me to open this packet of Chik-fil-a sauce so that she can try it. She doesn't even know what it is but she has a voracious curiosity these days that is only amplified by her determination. 

This is our favorite library! I love going here all together. 

After the library, we did our weekly grocery shopping, grabbed a quick lunch and then made an impromptu decision to stop by for ice cream.

Sloane doing her 'I'm excited for ice cream' dance.

Haha I gave in and let Lola have a sample spoonful of raspberry ice (I'm trying to not let her really have sugar until she is 2) and she was so happy and intense about it, but Sloane was even more excited for her little sister.

This is Sloane asking (while squatting a little, with her hands on her knees, in a very grown up tone), "Logan, do you like it? Is it sooooo good?" 

She liked it. 

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