Sunday, February 26, 2017


1. This barn renovation has me SWOONING.

2. Currently listening to and loving this album by The Brilliance.

3. Planning on making these Red Wine Soaked Gummy Bears soon.

4. Speaking of wine, try shopping wine by importer.

5. I want to make my room smell like Sea Salt and Bay Rum! or maybe Elderberry Rose. And I'm always partial to grapefruit scented candles.

6. A whole website dedicated to people's different morning routines.

7.  Breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal of the day so this cookbook is right up my alley.

8. Teas you can make from stuff in your pantry 

9. JAMES BALDWIN. I really want to see this movie.

10. Two new to me podcasts, both highly binge-able: Homecoming and In the Dark

1 comment:

  1. ooh such a pretty picture. love the idea of studying other people's routines too.