Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I love that my sister Eunice lives two hours away. I would much prefer she lives two minutes away, but since my parents live across the world and my other sister lives 6 hours away...I'll take two hours.

Last weekend, I got to go up to D.C. to celebrate my sister's birthday with her...and Sloane came along! These photos are mostly of Saturday afternoon at The National Portrait Gallery, which is one of my sisters favorite museums. The museum has the most beautiful courtyard, and apparently also a café from where you can order things like cake, champagne, charcuterie plate, and table and chairs for a birthday gathering with friends. I fell in love with the space as soon as I saw it, So much so that I think if I had known about it beforehand, I would have wanted to have my wedding here. Although it's in the middle of the city, it feels hidden and tucked away, while also being airy, historical and regal, all the same time. After cake and champagne, we had a tour of the museum. I had never visited this museum before, even though I had been in this neighborhood dozens of times, and I regret that I hadn't visited earlier. This museum is excellent and I can't wait to go back.

It has already been a long full day by the time we started this tour, and I wasn't sure if Sloane would last but she LOVED it. She was so into all the paintings and features of the building, we oohed and ahed over ones we loved, and we hands for most of the time. It was blissful. I loved that we could enjoy this together and I was so happy to have this uninterrupted time with Sloane. She is at an age where she can really see me, and I can really get to know her, so it feels significant for our relationship that we have bonding time where we talk and spend time together. At home she takes on the big sister role so naturally she is always helping (which she loves), but it was nice to see just her for a couple of days.

She said this room felt like a ballroom, so naturally, she danced.

"Wow! Mom, you have GOT to take a picture of that ceiling and show dad."

This is a painting!! 

"Mom, can I please take a photo of you next to that very cool thing with the big camera, please?"

(This is the photo she took of me next to the "very cool thing")

This was a really funny moment that I happened to catch on camera: Sloane saw this exhibit and started running towards it. The guard noticed her and gave a loud shout and ran towards her to stop her. I didn't realize for a few seconds what was happening because it didn't even cross my mind that Sloane would try to touch a painting in a museum because she knows better, and then I realized that's what the guard thought she was about to do. Both Sloane and I looked at the guard in utter surprise and assured him that she wouldn't dream of such a thing. He apologized and told her she has good taste.

After the museum, we walked around the neighborhood, then drove back into Silver Spring for dinner, and then back to my sisters for wine and leftover chocolate cake. My sister and I ended up staying up late making an enormous amount of mashed potatoes and talking, and somehow that was the perfect ending to that day.

Happy birthday Eunice!! 


  1. Oh what a lovely way to capture these moments! Also glad you got some shots because I totally forgot!

  2. I love the national gallery courtyard, its my favorite place in DC ! I miss it. Also check out the national bldg museum, they usually have fun exhibits :) or FDR monument is another fav location next time if you haven't already