Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm deviating from my scheduled posts for this week to bring you a few photos that my family sent me this past weekend from the women's march! since I wasn't able to be there. Also I want to document it here in this place for us to look back on as an awesome memory of our family; how my parents happened to be visiting the States during this time and wanted to be a part of this historical event. 

My dad sent me that photo above of my sisters, mom, dad, and brother-in-law on their way to the march that morning. I felt so proud for being a part of a family of both women and men who gets excited about this sort of thing. I know that there was disagreements even among the planners of this march in determining its mission statement, but I heard it was an extremely peaceful march, that everyone had their own reasons for marching, and it provided hope for a lot of people. 

Here are a few more photos that my family sent me from that day:

Lastly, this is a shirt that my sister made and wore to the march.  It has words by James Baldwin and it also has a drawing of our beloved aunt, who passed away a few years ago. In case you can't read it, it says: "we made the world we're living in and we have to make it over. A country is only as good...only as strong as the people who make it up...I don't believe any longer that we can afford to say that it is entirely out of our hands."

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