Friday, January 13, 2017


On Sunday, the snow still covered the ground, and we we ventured out in our gear. 
Four people + four people's worth of snow gear = it takes a while to get out the door. 

Logan was unsure of how to navigate the new world, and she stood for long moments just gazing out into the white landscape.

Sloane tried to help show her sister what this snow business was all about. "Look, feel it!" 

Rusty, of course, was in his element. He is happiest and most youthful when it snows. 

Sloane trying to have a gentle snow ball fight with her sister.

And then Ken got in it.....and nailed Logan in the face! 

She was NOT happy.  Don't worry, she was rescued and reconciled. 

Afterwards, we all took a short walk through the snow, made some snow angels, and then shuffled back inside to get cozy again. 

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