Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Howdy howdy ho. 2017 feels good already. It's a construct! But it's the construct we're working with and it tells us it's brand new year. At the least it's an excuse to celebrate, at the most it gets us closer to summer. 

When I sat down to write this my initial recollection of this past weekend was a total blank; that's why I need to keep account. I have a terrible memory and recall ability. It is akin to someone with short term memory loss...and long term. Rest assured after a few minutes of searching my brain, I got it all back. So here they be.

On Friday I celebrated all by myself by stopping by this new store in Church Hill (open currently only Friday and Saturday mornings) on my way to work for a kaloche. Okay, two kaloches. One was stuffed with egg and sausage and the other one was raspberry almond cream. They are dense and filling and I'm sure contributed to properly fattening me up for extra warmth.

My sister and brother in law stopped by Friday night on their way heading west and we cozied up and watched 'O Brother Where Art Thou' - a movie I had thought I had seen before but apparently I haven't and was surprised to discover how good it is. The photography is beautiful, George Clooney is fun to watch and the music is so great, it's worth a watch for that alone. The picture above has nothing to do with the movie but why not! Sloane was showing off some new socks and then Logan stepped in and attempted to do some wiggle dancing of her own. 

On Saturday, we had breakfast with our visitors, I rearranged a gallery wall (it was quite tedious) and then I made some champagne Jell-O shots, as one does on a Saturday afternoon. In this case for a good reason:  that evening we went over to our friends house with our babies and fed and put them to sleep upstairs so that the adults could hang out late into the night. It was  especially exciting because it had been eons since we did anything to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends. It was a great idea: we drank, ate warm soup with bread, put the kids to bed, drank some more, talked...and even made it to midnight to see the ball drop.


I went to high school with their mamas! It will never get old.

It was a wonderful night. 

Sunday brought us church, lunch with old friends and then meal prep per usual. Later that night my sister and brother in law came through again on their way back up and the girls were happy to get a double dose of their aunt and uncle. I'm going to say this again later but, all of our friends and family - move closer please!

Monday morning was a respite from work and we spent the morning welcoming friends who recently moved into town (yay!) and local friends who had introduced us all to their realtor. It was a sweet morning of friends meeting friends and kids playing with abandon over my favorite meal of the day. (This refreshing citrus avocado salad was part of the menu.)

The kids put on a dance, as seem to be the norm if Sloane has anything to do with it. Afterwards, we had a meet and greet with the performers, along with a group photo. 

Welcome to town friends! Everyone else, hurry up and come over. 

Later that afternoon, I ran some errands and when I came home, Ken, Sloane and Logan were deep in the middle of reenacting America Ninja Warrior moves in the family room with a makeshift obstacle course made out of sofa and sofa pillows. We moved the operation over to the garage gym where Ken set up a nifty obstacle course there which Sloane did over and over again (and again and again..) I got in some overhead squats, Logan tried to copy all of us, and then we went into for a dinner of the fanciest nachos ever, courtesy of Ken.

When your littlest one wants to do what everyone else in the family is doing.

We ended the weekend with our bibles and CBR joirnal. Ken and I reading and writing on either side of Sloane, and her in the middle doing her best to participate by copying down sentences from the same passage we were reading. 

There we have it! A sweet weekend, collected for the sake of remembering and reliving. 

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