Thursday, December 22, 2016


This week has been so busy it's been hard to catch my breath. It's one thing after the other and also Logan has really upped her waking-up-in-the-middle of the night game, both in number of times and in the intensity of need. It feels both so wonderful and awful to be needed, more the latter when it is the third time in the middle of the night. I'm not sure what it is about this week- maybe her molars are coming in, she's been a little congested, and/or she's having nightmares? Who knows, but we continue on. We get huge smile, hugs and funny antics in the morning, and joyous play before bedtime, just enough to forget about the night before. I was reflecting the other day about how I tried to live my 20s to the max, and it crossed my mind that being a mother right now along with everything else really makes me feel like I am living these early 30s to the fullest. By the fullest I don't just mean that the days are full - they are that- but that regular and mundane things feel plump with purpose.

With that, some scenes from our every day life these days. Plump!

This is from the last few days of fall weather we had, when we were spending as much time as we could outdoors. Here son was trying to get us all to play hide and go seek, Logan was a half-hearted participant.  

This was from when Laura and I threw Meghan a baby shower for baby Silas, who arrived a couple of weeks ago!  That backdrop is a plastic tablecloth I found from Michael's and I got the idea for white clouds out of balloons from The House that Lars Built.

My friend Martha had some little ladies over for a viewing of the Nutcracker, which was preceded by teatime. All the girls wore tutus and you better believe there was passionate dancing afterwards

This photo represents Logan so well these days - a tiny person with a giant shadow. 

Sloane with a Costco bear (that we will never bring home) and Sloane showing Ken how high she can jump to turn the lights on. 

Sloane and I love singing the little drummer boy (often called the little drummer girl in our house) in the car everyday. Logan tries to join in with the rum pum pum pums.

My MIL came into town last weekend and we had a lovely and relaxing weekend, some of which involved visiting this huge tree at the mall. It was magical.

The other weekend I went to a cookie making and decorating party and there were so many cookies made and consumed and decorated.

Bundled up and on our way to get some breakfast.

The coziest little babe. Someday I will find myself this exact outfit in my size.

Remember my gingerbread house? Sloane took a picture of me pretending to eat it. I like looking at this picture and imagining that the house is life-sized and I am a candy-loving giant.

She loves carrying her lunchbox all by herself, even though it is almost half her size. On the left is before daycare, on the right is after we got home.

I posted about this on instagram the other day - Sloane came home and put together a cat outfit by herself consisting of "soft things" and including cat ears and a tail made out of blanket.  Also, Logan's face in this photo is very indicative of her personality right now.

Sloane imitating me on the left, about to get surprised by Ken on the right. 

The tiniest pigtails you ever did see. 

Sloane drinking tea and listening to a reading of "The Composer is Dead" which is a great book introducing all the instruments of the orchestra.

I get together with this group of ladies around Thanksgiving for a potluck but this year we missed the Thanksgiving mark and made it a Christmas gathering instead - I think this was year 6!

My friend Anya had a sip and sing at her house last week to drink White Russians and sing Christmas songs around a piano. It was cozy-making and spirit-rousing.


  1. oh how wonderful! i thought logan had a TINY suitcase not a lunchbox hahah

  2. love all this. i think i spy our christmas card on the wall! :) thanks for all the love in your previous post on books, too.

    i love reading about and seeing others' kids but i'm still freaked out about stalkers when i think about posting about my own. (i've been drafting an update in my head and i probably will do that with limited pictures but still.) how do you handle this issue?

    1. Yes, I loved getting your card and the family update! Since I use this blog primarily as a way to document our lives and update family and friends who live far away and not as a platform or for money, I feel confident that the blog's visibility is low and only people who really care come to see. In the past 5-6 years that I've had this blog I've never had any strange incidents and if that ever happens I would change things up. I also make sure to not post anything too personal about the kids, and try to be respectful and thoughtful about the fact that they might look back on this someday. As the girls get older they will likely have an opinion about what gets shared here so I imagine the nature of this blog will drastically change, and I will go back to blogging about Rusty our dog.