Tuesday, December 27, 2016


We went down to Virginia Beach this past weekend to see Ken's family! Besides the fact that I got sick right before we left  it was a wonderful trip and we were so lucky to be able to see so much of his family.

We woke up to the view of the ocean. I don't love the winter but there is something about being at the ocean in winter time that makes it feel extra majestic.

We went to go eat waffles at Pocahontas Pancakes in the morning before heading over to the house.  It was so good! Sloane, Logan and I split a strawberry waffle with lots of whipped cream.

Logan now knows how to say "cheese" and smile when a camera comes out and it just kills me. 

She also is interested in the phone, not for anything else except that we do video calls on there with family far away.  When she does come across a phone she seems to checking it to see if a familiar face will pop up to chat with her.

There were lots of majong games and Sloane gleaned some Chinese words from sitting there patiently and watching for hours.

This was a wonderful meal we had altogether - Ken's sister, mom, grandmother, two uncles, and three aunts were all around the table.

We opened all of our presents the afternoon of Christmas Eve. 
Here is Sloane ready to go with her first one; she had been waiting patiently all afternoon. 

We visited Aunt Michelle and Uncle Larry in Ohio when Ken and I first started dating, and I will always remember how kind and welcoming they were to me even though they had just met me and Ken and my relationship was so new. 

They all showered the girls with love and attention while we were there, and it made the home and our time together feel so warm. 

These stacking cups for Logan were a hit! 

So much love!

These girls are so lucky to have such loving and sweet grandmother and great-grandmother.

The whole group (including Rusty!) on Christmas Eve. 

Good night everyone!

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  1. Merry Christmas! VA Beach is so fun, we always go to Pocahontas as well bc my MIL loves their strawberry waffles. They will make day trips out there just for it, too.

    Those stacking cups are the best.

    This was fun to see Ken's family and to remember how you are the mirror image of David and me with Korean-Chineseness :)