Friday, December 30, 2016


Christmas morning we headed back from Virginia Beach back to Richmond, and met my sisters, their husbands and a family friend for lunch at...a noodle restaurant! Naturally. 

Christmas dinner for me usually means Italian food, including a big bowl of spaghetti, but we didn't do that this year so having noodles at a Peter Chang's Noodle and Dumping restaurant did the job. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely, the little ones included. Both girls would eat buckets full of noodles if we let them.

For our travels we moved over a convertible car seat from our second car over to the minivan so that Logan could also sit forward facing during long car rides and not only did Logan and Sloane seem to enjoy themselves immensely, Ken and I were tickled about having them in the backseat like this.

For our Christmas dinner, I wanted to recreate the winter cocotte and potato sausage pie that my sister had made for us during Thanksgiving week, so that's exactly what I did! with the help of my sisters and Laura, it was easy and fun being in the kitchen together. 

We opened presents before dinner together. All the gifts that Sloane and Logan got from my family and Ken's family when we were in Va beach were so thoughtful and generous, it made me feel like I was sitting on the lap of luxury and I know Sloane did too.

 As much as Sloane loved opening the gifts, she told me the reason why she looks forward to Christmas so much is because she knew we were going to her grandmothers house to see family and because she knew more family was coming over to our house. When asked, "why are you excited about Christmas?" She will exclaim, "because everyone is together!" And I totally agree. (And this year we are extending Christmas because my parents are coming in a couple of weeks! So we've been talking about how there is more Christmas togetherness to come.)

Winter comfort food that stuffs my stomach and my soul. That's right, my soul. 

Many games of majong were played. While they played, my sisters and I watched Sing Street (my third time). Have you guys seen it?! Go see it! It's still on Netflix.

We had breakfast together the next morning before everyone had to leave. Both my sisters had giant and delicious salads for their breakfast at Panera and now I want to go back there just to get a salad for breakfast.

My two sisters with my two daughters! 

We've all known Laura for years now through Eunice and we were happy that she was able to join us all the way from Amsterdam!

After breakfast, Sharon and Paul came back to the house and I snapped these photos of our last couple of hours together: Sharon played chess with Sloane and Paul played stacking cups with Logan.

We loved having everyone come down to be together this Christmas. Please come back! Sloane wants more people to play games with :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


We went down to Virginia Beach this past weekend to see Ken's family! Besides the fact that I got sick right before we left  it was a wonderful trip and we were so lucky to be able to see so much of his family.

We woke up to the view of the ocean. I don't love the winter but there is something about being at the ocean in winter time that makes it feel extra majestic.

We went to go eat waffles at Pocahontas Pancakes in the morning before heading over to the house.  It was so good! Sloane, Logan and I split a strawberry waffle with lots of whipped cream.

Logan now knows how to say "cheese" and smile when a camera comes out and it just kills me. 

She also is interested in the phone, not for anything else except that we do video calls on there with family far away.  When she does come across a phone she seems to checking it to see if a familiar face will pop up to chat with her.

There were lots of majong games and Sloane gleaned some Chinese words from sitting there patiently and watching for hours.

This was a wonderful meal we had altogether - Ken's sister, mom, grandmother, two uncles, and three aunts were all around the table.

We opened all of our presents the afternoon of Christmas Eve. 
Here is Sloane ready to go with her first one; she had been waiting patiently all afternoon. 

We visited Aunt Michelle and Uncle Larry in Ohio when Ken and I first started dating, and I will always remember how kind and welcoming they were to me even though they had just met me and Ken and my relationship was so new. 

They all showered the girls with love and attention while we were there, and it made the home and our time together feel so warm. 

These stacking cups for Logan were a hit! 

So much love!

These girls are so lucky to have such loving and sweet grandmother and great-grandmother.

The whole group (including Rusty!) on Christmas Eve. 

Good night everyone!