Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I watched a movie called, 'Sing Street', this past weekend, directed by John Carney. It is his third movie about music and songwriting, and when I saw the trailer earlier this year, I wanted to see it right away. I couldn't figure out how to watch it, so it was to my great delight that I discovered it on Netflix over the weekend.  I was not disappointed - I liked it so much that I watched it again the very next night with Ken.

The tone of this movie is much lighter than his two prior movies, and there is both a whimsy and grittiness to this movie that spoke straight into my whimsical and gritty heart. I also thought this movie was directed brilliantly. The specificity of the time and place was executed in such a way that you could tell the story was extremely meaningful to someone. It made me think of how stories that are specific in this way speak the clearest and loudest into another's soul, regardless of whether it is a similar story to yours. There is a fantasy element of this movie that really works, especially because it manifests in the midst of difficult family and school situations, and this was exemplified in my reaction to it afterwards. It made me extremely happy, and it also made me cry with sadness.  I fell for the charm of the young actors, the songwriting process, the supremely catchy songs, and most of all the relationship between him and his brother. I highly recommend it!

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