Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This past weekend, good friends gathered around a table, ate good food, watched our children play, and gave thanks. I went to high school here in the city and was lucky enough to find a wonderful group of friends, most of whom have ended up back here almost 15 years later. This group is very special to me. We recognized kindred spirits in each other during a time when those kinds of things can be hard to discern. As a testament to that, we have  kept in touch and stayed close through all these years.

One of those friends, Hilary, is back in town and I am so happy that it means I get to see her more often. The afternoon of getting ready for the dinner party together felt relaxed and leisurely, with Sloane and Logan playing underfoot, and Hilary and I working on the finishing touches. 

I found these brown paper Thanksgiving placemats at Target, 10 for three dollars! And Hilary got this amazing fall themed bouquet from Trader Joe's, which we deconstructed it down to monochromatic arrangements in small vases. A few simple things and all of a sudden it feels special!

We didn't go the route of traditional Thanksgiving food, but there was cranberry sauce to go with the Cabernet Sauvignon marinated pot roast (thank you TJ!). Ashley made a scrumptiously rich ham and onion quiche and also asparagus and bacon wrapped in a pastry, Caroline made Molly Yeh's butternut squash, apple, onion, bacon and biscuit hot dish, there were roasted vegetables on the side, Hilary supplied the delicious wine and baguettes, and Emily made dessert: an apple and berry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream. I also had butternut squash macaroni and cheese out on the kids table for easy access and consumption, after they which they found their way to the adult table to get mouthfuls from their parent's plates.

It was a wonderful night. Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 


  1. So fun! And it's so rare to keep in touch with childhood friends!

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