Monday, October 17, 2016


We almost didn't make it to apple picking this year. Our October is so very packed and there were some scheduling conflicts that made us think it could be too hard to make the trip. But I was adamant; this is my favorite thing to do in the fall, I look forward to it all year, and it's a tradition that marks the beginning of the colder months for me in a way that allows me to brace myself and buck up.  It turned out to be the coldest day it had been so far and it was also extremely windy, which made for the coldest apple picking experience we've had to date, but it was absolutely worth it and we came down the mountain feeling refreshed and excited for fall.

This is Sloane's 5th year! She's four years old, but she first went when she was 9 weeks old, then at age 1, 2, 3 and now 4...for a total of 5 times. I was also excited that Logan was old enough this year to hold and eat an apple all on her own - I considered this her official induction into the apple lovers club.

I love that Logan is wearing that hat Sloane wore when she was a one year old. It makes me feel all sorts of feelings.

The wind was really strong when we first got to the orchard, so we immediately got hot apple ciders to cup in our hands as we made our way up to the fuji apples. The wind was blowing so hard that Sloane would get swayed and pushed every which way and she kept shrieking with delighted laughter at the wind's attempts. Her face was like this the whole way up the mountain.

Watching these two together make my heart feel like it is bursting...especially seeing Sloane watching out for Logan and Logan trying copy everything Sloane does.

I came down the mountain full of love, wind and apples.


  1. happy apple picking day! eunha's hands and nose are red jolding an apple.

  2. So nice! wow 5 years- that's pretty special :)

  3. Those apples look so crispy and delicious, and does your faces, too.