Friday, October 21, 2016


We have this friend that we love very much named Mignon - not only because she's strong and steady, smart and funny, no-nonsense and sweet...but because she is incredibly generous with her time and talents and has taught me a thing or two about showing love through these things. Long story short, after all the parties and events she has  done for other people, it was about time she had a party thrown in her honor, and so for her birthday we went all out and did up a murder mystery dinner party set in the 1920s.

My friend Martha and I were gearing up to start planning when Ken surprised me by speaking up and declaring (very excitedly) that he wanted in, ALL IN, as is his style. He logged in many hours and master minded the whole script - the background story, the characters, each of their stories, secrets and objectives for the night. It was a big guest list for a dinner party -20 playing characters - so it was no easy feat but he made it happen. After weeks of thinking and talking about it, it was so fun to see the stories and characters come to life. 

Martha did such a good job with the details, the Ha's were great enough to open their home, and everyone involved did an amazing job dressing up and playing their parts! See what I mean by the awesomeness that is practicing creativity in community?

How creepy is that butler photo of Ken! I love it especially for its creepiness. This second photo is us getting ready for that night. Ken and I played the butler and the maid to do some of the behind the scenes facilitating, which was great fun, but next time (if there is a next time) I definitely want to play!

Here are just a few of the photos from that evening:

A very pleased butler 

All the ladies with the birthday girl! (And also Brandon)

All the men with the birthday girl! 

And then each of the mob families:

The Barksdale family 

The Mouzone family 

Sammy "the bull"! 

The Carcetti family

Police Chief Rawls, the governor, and Hopper (actually an undercover agent!)


  1. haha, charming! i wonder how the murder mystery is solved.

  2. I have been waiting and waiting. this is perfect