Saturday, September 10, 2016


Labor Day weekend was wonderful because I had the hope of wanting to spend as much time with the girls as possible and all throughout the weekend I was accutely aware of how much I was enjoying doing just that.

On that Monday, I decided we would finally go see the butterflies at the Lewis Botanical Gardens - we had tried before with no success because it had been right after a series of storms and the exhibit was closed - and with Ken busy with another task, it was just me and the girls for our outing. It was a beautiful day.  The kind of day that seems unreal because of the sharpness of color and the glisten on everything. 

As soon as they got out of the car, Sloane took Logan's hand and Logan took Sloane's hand and they were off, with this look back at me when I called to them to wait up. 

This post could alternately be titled, Sloane and Logan holding hands. Most of this post is exactly that. It was adorable and I'm surprised my swelling heart didn't just explode out of my chest. 

Sloane took up the camera to take this photo. Logan kept this hat on almost the entire time, making sure she put it back on her head if it ever fell off.  

A passerby offered to take a photo of us: light sparkles on my face, my lipstick on Sloane's lips. 

This girl is a total marvel to me, every single day. 

Even though we got there right when it opened, there was a long line to the butterfly exhibit and we ended up waiting almost half an hour. Surprisingly, the girls did really well patiently waiting, playing with each other, toddling around and looking at the flowers and plants. Occasionally a worker would come by and tell us something interesting about the gardens and butterflies and this is Sloane, listening with rapt attention. 

This was inside the enclosed butterfly garden; you can't see it, but there were butterflies flying around everywhere ! 

She used this magnifying glass to observe many a butterfly.

This was one of the gardens right outside of the butterfly exhibit; the girls were fully in exploration mode. 

We love these gardens, and can't wait to return.

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