Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I am still recovering from this past weekend in New York which means it still feels a little painful being back at work and I'm playing catch up all this week for both work and life in general, but you guys it was totally worth it. We were up there for my sister Sharon's wedding, and it was all so fabulous. My favorite part was that our family could be all together, and also that I was able to have Ken and our girls with me on this trip.

The wedding happened at The Jane Hotel, near the West Village. It was incredibly planned by my sister and her husband, Paul - simple, intentional, meaningful, beautiful and fun. My sister deigned and made her entire attire, the speeches were heartfelt and moving, both sets of parents were involved in marrying them, the food was amazing, the decor was stunning, and all of the wine was from Paul's dad personal collection (incredible). 

Sloane has been looking forward to this wedding for weeks, so it was funny how she passed out right after the ceremony, and slept for the remainder of the party, while Logan partied as hard as she could for the next three hours until we left. The next day though, Sloane exclaimed "the wedding was so fun!" so I guess she got out exactly what she needed from it. I didn't have my big camera with me but I snapped a few on my phone that I want to store here. 


  1. yall are gorgeous and this looked like the kind of party i would have loved to be a part of. you have such a cool family

  2. that first family pic is FAB/amazing/glorious/someonealreadysaidgorgeous!