Saturday, August 13, 2016


That's right, more NYC trip photos. Indulge me! this is me reliving the weekend.

On Saturday morning, Logan woke up early, as she is fond of doing (except at 6AM instead of 5! hurray!) and with both Ken and Sloane still in slumber, we ventured out just the two of us in search of coffee and found our way to Stumptown Coffee. I'm a fan of their cold brew and I'm an even bigger fan of being able to walk to a coffee shop.  The streets were quiet and the air foretold of a hot day.  Ken and Sloane, my parents, my sister, and my aunt all met us there a little while later and we did coffee like the Kims do, which is often, and with lots of conversation. 

There were a TON of dogs everywhere we went and Sloane was delighted by them all.

Sloane and her faithful companion. 

We met up with friends from Richmond who now live near the city and had lunch (Joe's pizza and by Chloe) together in a nearby playground.  This is when I was full-blown imagining what it would be like to live in the city with kids.  I'm all about it.

Sloane was all about it too. The playground had a splash pad and she went at it fully clothed...and had no regrets.

I love the West Village and I loved hanging out with friends there. I wish it was longer than an afternoon, but I'll take whatever I can get.  Before heading back to our Airbnb, we made a stop at Ice & Vice for ice cream - their flavors are so unique and they have different flavored and colored cones. I can't stop thinking about their pink guava ice cream. 

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  1. i love how you always eat your way through whatever city you are visiting. its perfect