Monday, August 1, 2016


I'm 33 ! And it feels good. I feel glad to be this age, wizened and lulled into liking myself and where I am in life.

I decided I wanted to celebrate my birthday by taking the day off work and spending time with my girls and my parents.

These were the things on my agenda -

-Breakfast at Perly's
-Make a tomato pie
-Drink the wine that my sister and brother in law got me last year
-Get sushi with family and Ken when he gets home from work

Ken left early before I woke up so I had a few minutes of quiet to myself before the girls were up. I sat up in bed, sleepy, but unable to go back to sleep and took in the quiet. I reveled in those few moments to squeeze out gratitude out of all my pores for the year past. 

Then I went to the bathroom and discovered a present and card from Ken on top of the closed toilet. If you've never walked into a bathroom, with your eyes half shut from sleep, about to go relieve yourself...whereupon you discover a present for you on the toilet! You're missing out. The front of the card said, "I love the adventure of us."

I really love Perly's, a Jewish delicatessen here in town, so I took my birthday as an excuse to get breakfast there. Look at my adorable parents! They are looking at my girls with heart eyes while I'm looking at them with my own heart eyes. Anything good about me is because of them.

It's hard to ask for much more than your 60 year old father and one year old daughter celebrating your birthday together.

Yum yum yum. Eggs Benedict with smoke salmon on latkes!

I also finally made a tomato pie that I've been wanting to make and eat. Sloane helped and my parents helped me drink this great bottle of wine while we cooked and waited for it to bake.

When Ken got off work, we met him for dinner at Sushi Box, Ken recounted the tale of the moment we first met to my parents, and then we came home and sang happy birthday over tomato pie. 

And this is a few days later (after my aunt came in from Korea and right before we were all about to leave for NYC for my sister's wedding) but I'm including it here because all of us! Together!


  1. Happiest of birthdays! And you make me want to try every restaurant you go to

  2. WHAT. That benedict almost made me weep.

    Lovely post. (However,) I wanted a picture of the gift on the toilet but I sympathize because you actually needed to relieve yourself.

    You and your family are lovely and blessed!