Thursday, August 18, 2016


Last November, friends and I took our children to go watch Mary Poppins, the play. My friend Laura had told us about it (the show was put on by a local youth theatre company called Character Works) and it was incredible. I was so impressed with the quality of the performance and production, and Sloane was completely transfixed. Thereafter, we went to go see Character Works put on Annie and Peter Pan, which have now all become favorites of hers.

Seeing as the kids were all obsessed with Mary Poppins, especially Eden, it was appropriate and totally wonderful of Laura to throw Eden a Mary Poppins themed birthday party. I made the mistake of telling Sloane about it a couple of days before her own birthday party which was a week before, and she could not contain her excitement...for Eden's birthday.  The night before her birthday party I asked Sloane if she was excited for it, and she said, "...mmmm I'm excited for Eden's Mary Poppin's party!!!" She later conceded that she was also excited for her own birthday.  The thought of dressing up brings her so much joy these days, that this was like a dream come true. And all of her friends dressing up too! She couldn't contain her excitement. The afternoon of the party Sloane really wanted Logan to dress up as Michael Banks (Sloane was going as Jane Banks) and she kept bringing me different variations of Logan's clothes that she thought could make a Michael costume.  She also started rummaging around my closet so that she could help me dress as a chimney sweep.  There wasn't enough time to pull together anything for Logan and myself, but I assured Sloane that Logan and I were Michael Banks and a chimney sweep in our hearts, and I sang the song to prove it.  She seemed satisfied.

I just have to say, I kept thinking about the last time I whipped out my camera for Eden's birthday, (which was her first year birthday!) and marveling at this thing called time that whips us in the face as it races along and produces these magnificent children who dance and sing along with all of their hearts.

When we arrived for the party, I was astonished at how much thought and creativity Laura had poured into this thing - I mean, the theme appropriate food! the games! the little print-outs of the chimney scape! the adorable food! Did i say that already, the details of the food was show-stopping. It was so much work and you know what the best part of it all was, the kids are now old enough to appreciate it!

The little lady herself! As Mary Poppins!

You guys, I held all of these kids when they were tiny little newborns. And now look at them. 

I love this photo so much. Michael Banks, Andrew the Dog, Lady Suffragette

The sweetest little chimney sweeps!

Right before I snapped this photo, Eden looked at her mother deep in the face and said, with utmost sincerity, "Thank you for taking care of me, chimney sweep." It makes me want to cry thinking about it now it was so sweet, but it made us laugh so hard at the moment and I love Laura's face here, taking all of that in.

Making kites! Sloane was extremely into this. 

And for the grand finale.... MARY POPPINS AND BERT!! The youth actors that played these characters in the play happen to be close family friends of Laura's and they made an appearance at the end of the party, in full costume, and sang songs from the show for all the kids, staying in character the whole time. I was swooning.

Sloane loves them so much she mustered up the courage to go up to them and ask them to take a photo with her, even though she felt a little shy! 

Happy birthday Eden Isimbi! We love you!


  1. this post made me cry. you capture everything so beautifully

  2. What a wonderful party! Happy Birthday, Eden!!