Friday, July 22, 2016


July is my favorite month, and I am sad that we are almost at the end of it! It has flown by.  I love summer so much, and I am happy to report I am fully enjoying it, trying to savor every last drop of each day.

What helps is being able to dip my feet into the pool with margarita in hand.

What also helps is to have friends over as much as possible to swim.

I am such a sucker for fruit salad, especially when they are in a fancy watermelon bowl.

It's been really fun being able to observe Sloane in play using her imagination and using props to aid her stories her storytelling in her dances. That the other day she put on extra clothes and then put her long socks on her hands as gloves I guess and then proceeded to perform what she said was an Indian dance is very elaborate and enthusiastic. Last week she found a plastic cup Logan's bow and then a straw and started prancing about with a fierce expression, explaining on the side that she was a girl Captain Hook with a cup for her hook and a bow to decorate it.

I have been making a lot of Palomas and this particular one had jalapeños in it.

Ken's mom and grandma came up for Logan's birthday and I loved seeing them spend time with girls and have the girls love on them right back. 

This is Logan in the aftermath of her birthday celebration, her belly full of watermelon and her romper dripping with watermelon juices.

Sloane and I went to a drive in theater (to see her very first theater movie!) with some friends and it was every kind of wonderful. We will take any excuse to spend time outdoors on a summer night, and that excuse can't get much better than watching a movie together eating popcorn and snow cones. I spent most of the movie watching her little face take it in.

Ken took this photo of us at the beach last weekend. This is the best feeling, having your baby cuddle up to you. 

My three babies! 

And we are back at it again with the smoothie bowls and smoothies!  These we ate for dinner last Monday night, which Sloane and I were both very excited about.

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  1. i bet sloane will remember her first drive-in movie theater experience in decades to come, for sure