Tuesday, June 7, 2016


1. Swim: Spend as much time in and around the pool as possible. Make all of Ken's hard work worthwhile, make sure Sloane knows how to swim, enjoy time with friends, get a nice tan. 

2. Beach: Try to get at least one or two trips down to Virginia Beach, build sand castles with Sloane, visit Ken's grandma, maybe try paddle boarding?

3. Hike: Try a river trail here in Richmond that I haven't done before with the family. 

4. Write: I have notes and plans to write a thing and I finally got Microsoft Word on my laptop. Let's do the damn thing!

5. Popsicles: Make as many Popsicles as possible. Also, summer pies. 

6. Cocktails: I'm really into Manhattans these days, but I want to try experimenting with some gin cocktails this summer.

7. Videos: Make at least one or two videos of summer activities!

8. Get down on the floor: I'm ever so aware of how fast my girls are growing and changing these days. I want to spend as much time as I can on the floor with them, playing, watching, listening to them, without distraction.

9. Travel: We are not taking any huge trips but I am going out to LA for a weekend for my friend's wedding and then all of us are going up to NYC for a weekend for my sister's wedding. So very excited! 

10.  Throw a birthday party for Sloane's 4th birthday: Sloane has been talking about her upcoming birthday and birthday party all year, I want to plan her party with her and have fun doing it! 

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