Thursday, June 16, 2016


This is my favorite month! 

I think that's how I should start all my baby update posts. It feels utterly true each time. 

I love love love this stage. 
I love the weight and ease of her, slung around my hip with one of her arms holding on to my shoulder. 
I love how she looks at me with pure delight and such interest; how she smiles wide at me. 
I love watching her play. 
I love watching her eat and hold things. 
I love how she gives me hugs, burying her face into me.  
I love how we have quiet moments of snuggling where she puts her head down on my shoulder or arm to look up at me, and we just happily gaze at each other. 
I love making her laugh. It's the closest I can get to creating a perfect moment. 

At 11 months, she took her first few steps. One would think, that having done this all before with my first child would make this second time go-around feel a little less exciting, but that is not the case at all. If anything, it is even more thrilling because you understand the significance of every tiny thing and know where it will lead. Every time Logan does something new, it blows my mind! 

She's not walking as much as Sloane did at the same age, but she is saying more. Ken's theory is that Logan is heavier (and definitely bottom heavy) which makes it harder for her to walk that weight around.  She sure is determined though and if she wants to get somewhere, she will get there. She has this insanely funny way of half crawling half walking, where she is on her feet walking, but she is also using her hands on the floor.  My theory is that she has an older sister talking to her all the time, so Logan's eager to join on in. She is constantly trying to "talk" and apparently the other day at daycare, she said "star" and "moon" while pointing at pictures of each respective thing. I haven't seen it yet so it doesn't count! 

She will eat anything, and has recently been demanding that she gets to eat what we do. The other day, I was eating a spring roll at a restaurant and before I knew it, she had grabbed it out of my hand and taken a huge bite of it, with great satisfaction. The one thing she isn't enthusiastic about so far is sweet potatoes, which is strange because I ate so much of it when I was pregnant. Maybe she's telling me she needs a break. 

Anytime music comes on, she likes to dance along. She has this one move that is my favorite where she waves her arms around in a slashing motion back and forth while twisting her upper body along with the arms. It makes me laugh so hard.  Since Sloane loves singing along to songs, I can often hear Logan trying to "sing" along with her sister. 

She claps, hip hip hoorays, waves, and points. She sleeps through the night, mostly. Some days are better than others. 

Even when she has a hard time falling asleep in the middle of the night, in the mornings, she has been waking up quietly. By the time I go get her, she is already awake (so many times I don't know how long it's been) and she is sitting up, playing in there by herself.  When I walk in, she turns to greet me with the best smile ever. 

I am really enjoying nursing lately. Pumping is still annoying, but less so, and it is worth it to be able to have sweet moments of nursing time with her. I often dissolve into a puddle of contentment during these times. 

The other day, I was sitting with her in the armchair next to the window and she held the window pull, studied it, and then pointed at me and then pointed at the pull, as if to say, "you pull it".  It was as clear as day, and it stunned me. It's the same phenomenon that I describe in my post about Sloane's 11 months, where I realize how cognizant this baby is becoming, and get the sense of "wow, she is watching us!" 

One of my favorite things she does is this outstretched hand gesture with her palms up. She will do it to any of us when we come into a room, in a greeting, in a request to be picked up, in a moment of joy, and towards Rusty. It is indicative of her personality I think - outstretched and upturned hands.

When Rusty came back from his long stay at my MIL's, Logan was extremely dubious of him, but now she is obsessed. She makes these squealing noises whenever she sees him, wants to give him pats and hugs, tries to throw some of her food down to him when he comes begging, and makes these noises and hand gestures at him (like the photo above) where its apparent she is telling him commands, like she sees us do. 


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