Monday, May 16, 2016


After weeks of raining, Saturday morning yawned into a warm and sunny day, providing the best possible setting for a romp in the strawberry fields. We got to bring sweet Eden with us, and the girls had the best time hunting for perfect strawberries, eating a great deal of them, and running through the fields picking flowers. It felt utterly refreshing - to be away from house projects and away from the rain. 

Brace yourselves, there are a ton of photos here (and these are narrowed down!) 

Ken sent the girls go go find the best strawberries they could find, and they would run far into the fields to gather a few and then run back for them to be inspected. 

Inspection time. Sloane was so good at finding just the right ones! 

Tasting time.

And then off to hunt again!

Logan loves to share everything she is eating. It is really sweet and she finds it hilarious. 

I love a baby with a good strawberry stain.

Mt. Olympus Farm has some amazing views nearby a lake and the girls soaked it all in. As we passed by this field, they ran towards the flowers and declared that they were picking beautiful flowers for their mamas. 

These sets of photos are especially special to me because I've been comparing them to last year when these girls came to the same place and I'm amazed at the change in just one year.

Until next time! 


  1. PLEASE dropbox me these, they are heavenly! I love thinking about the girls there last year, and then seeing Logan in the foreground this year, and knowing that when we all go next year, Etta Mae will be in the pics too! These are just perfect summer photos!