Saturday, June 4, 2016


Like I mentioned in the previous post, we finally finished the kitchen and - as I knew it would - I feel one hundred times better about the house, and everything else in general. My shoulders are relaxing, my movements throughout the house are more at ease, and I can tell that I'm starting to emotionally attach to this new place. The kitchen ultimately being the epicenter of it all. 

So this past weekend, we got to enjoy the completion and relax further into the house. To be clear, we are still doing house projects here and there, but it feels like the truamtic parts are over and the sunshine has been signaling a rest period. 

On Saturday morning, I finished an intense Murph workout with my gym, which our crossfit gym does every Memorial Day, and then got the weekly grocery shopping done. When I got home, I had one agenda for the afternoon: pool. We've resolved to make every minute of pool maintenance worthwhile by hanging out in it as much as we can. So far that's not been a lot because it's been raining so much!

But that particular afternoon it was perfect; the kind of the day where the weather cradles you, all your limbs feel relaxed, and you could almost believe that the day will go on and on forever. 

At first Logan was uncertain about Rusty, eyeing him as he roamed around the house, explaining in protest whenever he came near to her high chair trying to eat her food, but now she is smitten and the noise she makes in delight when she sees him is so adorable.

We have lots and lots of watermelons in our summer plans.

All of us are into it. 

We headed to the park for the latter part of the afternoon to celebrate a friends' birthday.

She told me I'm her best friend the other day! 

This was us at the grocery store the other day. I went to go get something in another aisle and when I came around the corner, Logan's face lit up like this and gave me the cheesiest happiest grin. It melted me right into the grocery store floor. 

More friends came to visit from out of town on Sunday and we spent some time by the pool (before it started raining, again!!) and spent the rest of the day talking, eating, cooking and playing with the girls.

I'm starting to really appreciate this house- for the time and space it lets us have with our friends but most especially for the memories we're starting to create with our little girls.


  1. i just cant wait to spend time there! i love your new table and the white and the light and all the photos!

  2. oh, eunha, cogratulations! a big step~