Friday, May 27, 2016


I hope you all are ready for some house related posts, because they are a'coming...Next up, the master bedroom! The master is really small (and the bathroom is extra small), which was a deal breaker for Ken when we were looking at this house. We had grand plans to renovate the attic into a master bedroom but the reality of the costs stopped us dead in our tracks, so that renovation will be for another time.  The photo above is the picture on the listing of the house. 

The is what it looked when we moved in, after we painted. I don't mind small bedrooms and enjoyed the challenge of maximizing the space.

The other side of the room with the bathroom and closet. 

And then..

What it looks like right now! Again, this is a work in progress but the basic idea is that I wanted to go neutral as possible to provide us the respite we need when we come in here to sleep. 

This is my side of the bed, with this year's Mother's Day cards!

Ken's side of the bed...we should probably upgrade his coaster situation from the tissue he has there right now.

I'm planning on adding some framed family photos up on that side of that wall. 

That mirror might be one of my favorite purchases from Ikea - so good! And that shelf used to be in Sloane's closet in the old house but it works perfectly for this space here now. 

On top of the shelf right now: My current body lotion, favorite candles, palo santo incense sticks, Sloane's sunglasses, and one of my favorite house plants. 


  1. i love it! it looks so nice :) and restful. I love the woven wall hanging! very pretty!!

  2. Love your creativity in each room of the house!