Tuesday, March 1, 2016


On a brisk and sunny Saturday afternoon, I met up with my friends, the Agabas, to roam around Church Hill and snap some photos of them as a family of three before they became four. They are a beautiful family who all possess a great sense of humor and a huge heart for people - little Eden included! - and I always love having an excuse to hang out with them.

I particularly love these series of photos of Laura and Eden, they are so sweet together!

We ended our roam with a stop at the new Whisk bakery for shelter and sweets. I tried one of their macarons and it was amazing, so now I have plans to return as soon as possible to try all their other flavors.

Tots! Friends! Sweets! Sun!... It was a good afternoon. 


  1. Thank you again for these special photos!

  2. a lovely family in beautiful scenes!