Sunday, December 13, 2015


At 5 months, she loves sitting up, tries to roll over and likes to grab anything she can and put it in her mouth. She likes taking in new people, gets entertained by Sloane, tries to play with Sloane.  She communicates with coos and laughs, and lights up when she sees me. She is also enamored with Ken and when he walks into a room, her eyes get shiny and follow him around with a hopeful expression of her face that turns into a huge grin when he looks at her.

There is this phenomenon that happens when Logan is crying, in the middle of the night, as she is oft to do these days. I'm tired as I stumble over to her, but then when I go to check on her and see her instantly light up into a smile when she sees me, it feels like I am meeting her again for the first time, and each time I marvel at the sensation of being refreshed with love for her. Granted, sometimes I am half asleep and I can only do so much marveling, but I still can't help but feel appreciative of a few more cuddles in the middle of the night after having been away from her all day.

We are gearing up for some sleep training (we did it with Sloane around this time, too) and I'm not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to helping her get unbroken sleep (and me too). I'm of the mind that she understands me and I understand her. She does know how to fall asleep on her own, but needs more practice - once in a while she'll do it like she's a pro, but other times, she needs lots of check-ins and pats and reassurances, over and over again before finally settling in.  She can't tell me so, but I can tell that she knows how much she is loved as I come to peek at her when she is upset. She has certain things that soothe her - the sound of water, pats, songs, vibrations, a pacifier and sometimes she will make a low humming noise to soothe herself down. She has a scream on her, but I've heard her go from a scream to a wail in seconds, so that seems to be a way she settles down too, sometimes. She hasn't given up her middle of the night feeding yet, and I don't think she will for a little while longer, which I am fine with for now.

We also started solids with her this week - some avocado in the beginning and then a couple of days of rice cereal - and she loves it, just as I suspected she would.

Logan is learnings from me that I show her love through hugs, kisses and words, and I can tell that she trusts me. She trusts that I will come back for her.  This rapport we have of learning each other's cues and communicating needs and love to each other is a love story I can't get enough of.  Her babyhood has me head over heels in love -  this baby makes me have more baby fever, and it's unexpected but feels good. It feels right.

I just can't get enough of her rolls. Her cheeks, her chubby hand, the multiple lines in her's all too wonderful. 

Does this look like Ken? with cheeks?

p.s. Sloane at 5 the same outfit.


  1. More hair and generous smile at Logan

  2. its so funny cause i remember like YESTERDAY looking at a 5 month old post of Sloane!