Thursday, December 3, 2015


Wham bam, we are in December! Is everyone feeling okay about it? I'm fine with it; I'm happy about feeling christmasy and plan on carrying the around feeling all month. Not thrilled about the temperature or darkness, but what else is new. I'll just turn up the Christmas music ! 

We love visiting Ken's family in Virginia Beach. Over the years, and especially after spending weeks there this past summer right after Logan was born, it feels like a home to me. I always feel relaxed when we are visiting there and a big part of that is how wonderful Ken's mom is, how much Sloane loves visiting her grandma and great-grandma, and the fact that we occasionally get to visit the ocean. We were down there over the weekend and had ourselves a grand ol' time. 

The weather was glorious all weekend and these two had a thrilling game of hide and seek in the yard. Sloane also apparently collected some acorns while she was hiding. 

Amy cooked a huge thanksgiving meal for all of us and some of her friends on Friday and it was delicious. Here are Lois and Logan helping out: Logan wanted to make sure we had enough sweet potatoes for the casserole. Give me allll of the sweet potato casserole please and thank you.

Glad I get to see this girl again in a few weeks. Get excited to watch more movie trailers, Lo!

This is a very common thing you will see around here: Logan's finger in her mouth. She loves chewing on it. It looks like she is pondering on something and it's freakin adorable, although I've started handing her teethers now so that she doesn't naw through one of her fingers. 

You guys, i am head over heels about his chunky baby!

The amount of joy that happens around a baby, especially from grandparents and great grandparents, is something I feel privileged to witness.

Does she look like a mix of me and Ken? Still can't really tell. I'll take those rolls any day though. 

Hot pot is a Thanksgiving tradition at Ken's and it might be my favorite part. 

There is nothing like family and friends around a table full of food to get my perspective in check. I am thankful, indeed.

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