Wednesday, November 18, 2015


My sister Sharon and her fiance Paul came to visit us this weekend.  Virgina was loudly showing off her gorgeous fall weather, I had roasted a bunch of vegetables for next week's meal prep, and Sloane had recovered from her fever, so by the time they came in on Saturday night, I was ready to party.

And by party, I mean have an early dinner out.  That's what a party is when you have kids! Hey, and i'm a-ok with that. 

We tried to go to Lunch and Supper, and I was really excited about it, but we got there at 5:30 thinking that was an early enough time to get a spot at this tiny place and we were totally wrong. It was packed! and the wait was going to be 45 minutes long.  There was a lovely statue of a pig that Sloane sat on while we considered the pros and cons of waiting 45 minutes for a table with toddler and an infant, and decided to move on.

It ended up being a night of walking around Scott's Addition neighborhood and getting a feel of the place. We used to live in this neighborhood and it was only after we moved that all these great places popped up - Lunch and Supper, Lamplighter coffee shop, Urban Farmhouse, Flying Dragon, En Su Boca, Ardent Brewery....all within walking distance of where we used to live! The same thing happened when we moved out of Church Hill, and I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened when we move out of the north side.  

We had a drink at Urban Farmhouse and ended up eating dinner at Buzz and Ned's.  I enjoyed both the food and the conversation, and Logan enjoyed that time by sleeping the whole time in the Ergo - I love that thing!

It was beautiful out on Sunday, and after a breakfast at home and a stroll around the seminary campus, we took further advantage of the sunny weather by tramping out to Carytown, one of my favorite places in town.

We visited World of Mirth, which is such a fun store to explore, especially with kids, and then we made a little stop at Rocket Fizz, a retro candy store that I hadn't been in before. It's filled with old school candy and some new school ones (like green tea flavored kit kats!) and it was a feast for the eyes. 

It's hard to peg down my favorite store in Carytown, but Luxor Vintage clothing is definitely up there. It has such amazing things, it's like traveling back in time and being able to go through the personal items in a person's life. 

After a couple of hours, we said goodbye to Sharon and Paul and returned home. When we pulled up to our house, Sloane sighed, "Mom, I had such a great time." 


I absolutely love having my sisters visit!

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  1. i love the feel i get from reading this post. it makes me want to have family in town. or maybe just be family with your family? not sure.