Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Remember that time when we had to flee our house because floors needed to be pulled up and redone? Well I'm happy to report that things are pretty much back to normal now, except for boxes and bubble wrap stacked up in corners of our house to hint at something unusually having happened over here.  It was a frustrating situation but we made the most of it and it actually turned into a lovely two weeks in Virginia Beach with my in-laws. And my nesting bug picked up right where it stopped before the wrecking crew came in, so you better believe I've been organizing like the anxiety-ridden-what-I'm-going-back-to-work-next-week mom that I am.

Anyways, back to our unexpected vacation: besides going to the beach, visiting the art museumvisiting the acquarium, and going to the beach again, we went to the playground a bunch, visited the library, spent time at the bookstore, went out to the mall, got snow cones, spent time in the pool, went to the water park, saw some friends, ate good food and got to spend a lot of time with Ken's family. There were nights when I would wake up several times with Logan to nurse and I was half asleep by the time Sloane woke up, but armed with a coffee and a little crew that was up for anything, we ventured out and loved each day of it.  I pretty much filled up my phone's storage with photos from this time, here are some of them:

I'm so glad that we could be around for Ken's grandmother to spend some time with Sloane and Logan.  The joy was mutual.   Also, Sloane came upon this ballerina outfit at H&M one of the first few days we were there, and I sucummed. She asked to wear it every single day. 

This was a view from my sister-in-law's place - it made me think of Psalm 23. 

We were there for three weekends, and Ken came down for every single one. We missed him so much during the week and loved having him visit us! 

On this particular day, she wanted to wear her ballerina outfit to the playground, so ballerina outfit and Nikes it was. 

Our friends from Northern Virginia came down to visit their family and we got to spend some time with them. Look at those little sweet potatoes!

We went to Duck Donuts and I got converted after trying their hot maple donut with bacon. Sloane got converted because she got a little duck to add to her collection. 

We spent several afternoons at my sister-in-law's pool and it was so relaxing, I think even Logan was feeling the relax vibe. 

We took a lot of selfies together....

Another benefit of staying with my MIL was that Sloane got to shower her attention and affection on Rusty and Maggie (my SIL's dog)....whether they liked it or not. 

I also took a lot of photos of these two together.  The love that Sloane has for her little sister still amazes me. 

This girl is growing right before my very eyes. Did you know that "threenager" is a thing? It is and I'm a believer.  She is opinionated, amazing, and I love hanging out with her. 

There were many many many hours of this.  I didn't mind at all. 

My fellow apple-lover.  I can't wait to go apple-picking again with you dear!

We also took a lot of walks.  Look at that face!

Maggie hitching a ride, and Sloane, again in her ballerina outfit. 

The playground at Mount Trashmore, near my MIL's house, is wonderful and we really took advantage of it.  Sloane is a fan. 

A really fun morning at the waterpark! With a picnic in between. 

And the MVP award goes to my mother-in-law who took all in, helped me immensely and made us all feel at home. 


  1. i love this post. and I cant wait for apple picking either !

  2. I slowly went through each picture and took it all in!
    I like how your phone is decked out in stickers, must be Sloane's doing!