Thursday, August 27, 2015


I would probably be saying this about boys if I had sons, but I have two stinkin' cute daughters so I gotta say, I love having daughters.

There was a time when I was pregnant with Sloane that I thought I was having a boy and was a little disappointed when we found out we were having a girl (I wanted a boy first, and then a girl), but that lasted for all of two minutes and now it's hard to imagine it any other way.

I like shopping in the girl's section, I like doing Sloane's hair, I love teaching her about the kind of beauty that is found in strength and intelligence. I feel lucky to be able to share my experiences - joys and struggles - as a woman with my daughters. 

And for me, one of the best things about being a girl was the relationship that I was able to have with my sisters. I don't know who I'd be without my sisters; I'm of the opinion that a lot of what is good about me came from the sisterhood I grew up with. 

So when we found out we were having another girl, I was thrilled to be able to give Sloane a sister.

I can't determine what kind of relationship they'll have, but I pray for them the kind of sisterhood and bond that will encourage and raise each other up, that they will be a refuge for each other, and that they will learn how to appreciate being women, together.

And it has to be said -  what will help immensely in how these girls learn to love themselves and each other is this awesome dad of theirs, who loves their mom so well and treasures each of them with all his heart.  


My heartbeat around the infant is:
Protect, nurse, nurture, feed, inhale, enjoy, kiss, smooch, squeeze, inhale some more... 

My pulse around the toddler is:
Regard, converse, be amazed, inhale, caress, trace, hold, discipline, embrace, encourage...

With both of them I'm trying to memorize their little bodies, movements, expression, sounds and words. Together and separately, they are my little miracles.


  1. This might be one of my favorite posts of yours ever. Its a treasure, a little time capsule.

  2. reading your blog has become like a routine for me. Love every aspect of your blog!