Friday, August 14, 2015


It's been a crazy week over here- Ken went back to work, our hardwood floors need to be replaced due to flooding, and Sloane, Logan and I are being evacuated for a week to avoid the demolition work that's going to be happening on our first floor. We'll be staying with my MIL for the time being and I'm hoping to think of it as a vacation...with a toddler, and a 5 week old....wish me luck!

In the meanwhile this here is going to be a brief recipes-I-pinned update. Like this Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Parmesan - Sloane loves mushrooms and I've been sautéing them with some soy sauce for her to gobble up, but I'm going to try this version with baked eggs for variation.

I tried making this crispy potato and garlic cake the other day and it wasn't anything special, but maybe it's because I didn't use the duck fat, which seems like it might turn the whole thing around. I'm gonna give it one more go when I get my hands on some duck fat.

Another baked egg atop some vegetables, because it makes a simple meal and it makes me happy: Baked Eggs with Spinach, Ricotta, Leek and Chargrilled Pepper

My favorite homemade Popsicle is vanilla yogurt with grapes so I made thesehoney yogurt covered frozen grapes and we happily snacked on them. I've also forayed into the world of homemade protein/energy bars and want to try making these banana protein bars next.

I love pine, I like whiskey, I feel like this Mountain Pine Whiskey Cooler could be a winner....As soon as this house debacle is over, I'm going to make one to celebrate.

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