Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey we made it to 9 months! 

 Apparently, I get some sort of allergies all of a sudden when I'm pregnant, because a few weeks ago I had a week full of being incredibly congested, having a sore throat, coughing and sneezing constantly and not being able to get sleep. This was in conjunction with a truly wacky work schedule and at this point, I felt entirely like I wanted to be done with being pregnant. The due date seemed far away, and I was uncomfortable and tired. Eventually, the fog cleared, and the clarity helped me remember that I do want this baby to stay in there as long as she needs to. I reminded myself how precious this time is - for sleep, for time with Sloane, for time with Ken and to just enjoy how far we've come before starting all over again with a newborn....and that's exactly what I'm doing these days, enjoying the state of right now. 

Physically - besides the occasional back aches, fatigue and annoyance of having to go to the bathroom 5-6 times a night - I'm feeling really good.  I'm trying to keep up with stretching, sleeping well and massaging almond oil all over my body, which is soothing and makes my skin feel great. Surprisingly, what still makes me feel really good is working out. Even just a little bit of work at the gym really makes me feel refreshed and invigorated afterwards. I'm keeping it light and going twice a week, but I think it really helps with my overall mood and sense of well being. 

This past weekend, we had this great workout at our crossfit box (that I posted about on IG) where everyone else that came that day had to do the workout with a slam ball duck taped to their stomach, mimicking a little of what it may feel like to do the workouts while pregnant. The sense of camaraderie was wonderful and it was really fun to do this workout with Ken!

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