Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Currently, I'm feeling like a big pile o' poop.  I'm not entirely sure how else to diagnosis what is going on with this body of mine right now, so pile o' poop is the official diagnosis.  That's the thing about this pregnancy that I don't remember about the last one: I think this might be the 5th time that I've gotten sick during this one? Not like nausea sick (although that happened for a couple of weeks at the very beginning), but like super congested, groggy, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, mucus everywhere, and exhausted kind of sick.  It's. The. Worst.  Because the world doesn't stop for you while you are sick! Somehow, through the fog, you must try to keep up with life. Especially if you're trying to save PTO for your maternity life.  Real talk.

I'm trying my darn best to hang in there, although, I do occasionally ask Ken, "Am I dying?" and yesterday I yelled at the dishwasher.

At least back before things took a turn, we had that lovely weekend. When I was putting Sloane to bed on Sunday night and we were reviewing our weekend, she asked "mom, can we go on another trip again?" 

 We kept things simple but it was just what we needed - lunch at our favorite Peruvian chicken place, A&T's (a farewell lunch since they are closing...woe!), the creamiest ice cream at Kline's, a dip in the pool at the hotel, a walk through our college campus, a late dinner at Taste of Thai, followed by a family sleepover at the hotel with all three of us in a king sized bed.

During our drive and walk through campus we did the thing of reminiscing, asking each other about favorite moments, playing what-ifs, and just feeling grateful for the time that we had there. I mean, if nothing else this IS where I found the person who was going to be my life partner and baby daddy; I guess now, babies' daddy.

And just look at what a good baby we made! I've been holding this girl extra tight these days. She is growing so fast and I am very much aware that these last few weeks of pregnancy are the last few weeks where it will just be her and us. Things are going to be very different after this baby comes, and I hope, even better! But still, this time when it is just her, we will never have back again, and I am trying to cherish every moment of it....pile o' poop diagnosis be damned.

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  1. i love her little dress in those latter photos and her smile in that one with you.