Friday, June 19, 2015


Friday, seriously? Could you have taken any longer ? Maybe it's the imminent due date, which is not THAT imminent, but still it feels like I have a ticking bomb happening inside this body and the ticks are loud. I can't sit still and I feel antsy all the time, especially when having to sit at work for 8-9 hours a day. I still have several weeks left; help me, God.

I am eager to meet this baby and my mind is already there, but this body and the baby aren't quite ready so I'm trying to tell my mind to simmer down. Workouts are a great distraction and so are weekends, when I can keep myself busy and/or do the things I know I may not be able to do a lot of when the baby gets here.  This past weekend, Ken's family - his mom, sister, and cousin, came to visit and it was wonderful to have them. They watched Sloane on Saturday morning, so hat Ken and I could work out together, then we all went to the splash pad at Twin Hickory Park, had Schezuan for lunch, and home for an afternoon nap.  In the evening, we ventured out to Carytown for a stroll. 

We came across this adorable children's book store called BBGB books, which I had never seen before, and I loved it instantly. They had curated a fantastic selection of children's books and we hung out there for a little while perusing and reading. Sloane loved it too, evidenced by her cry of "one more book!" after each one.

I am so grateful for family members that are close by and can visit us. Sloane gets so much joy out of these visits and it means a lot to me that Sloane gets to spend time with both of our families. 

I am likewise grateful for Ken, and our little family, I love this unit of ours. I'm looking forward to yelling HAPPY FATHER'S DAY with Sloane at the top of our lungs this weekend to let him know how much we appreciate him. 

Also, Friday I am grateful for you, thanks for finally getting here. Happy weekend! 


  1. I cna see i would love this book store,too! I must check it this summer.
    It must be refreshing to have fun with family.