Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here are a few lovely things I'm eyeballing as I think about summer and life after the baby:

1. I've been wanting to get an Aeorpress for a while but put it off once I got pregnant. Now that I'm looking at several months of sleepless nights once the baby comes, this is looking more appealing than ever.
2. This book is next my list.
3. We're probably not going to make it to the beach many times this summer, if it all, so this sea melon candle might have to do.

4. I'm on the look out for dresses that are loose and have buttons at the top (for post-baby and nursing purposes) and this one not only fits the bill but is pretty to boot.
5. Am I a little bit obsessed with lipstick? Maybe... But this peach passion color from YSL seems perfect for summer.
6. Sakura baby sling! It's pricey but it's made from Belgian linen and becomes stronger and softer over time.

7. Kabuki brush for perfect bronzer application.
8. Botanivore gin. Self-explanatory.
9. I pretty much love everything he does so it's about time I get Ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook.


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