Friday, April 17, 2015


I noticed this morning that it has been over a year now since I started my bullet journal! I'm terribly pleased about it - it's a joy that only other nerdy journal keepers can understand. 

 I also had the thought today, is the pain of the work week worth it to have the soaring high feeling of, 'TGIF!!!! It's the weekend!!!!'  This feeling wouldn't be as exhilarating if everyday was painless, right ? Right ?  

I hope we all fly high on the knowledge that it is a Friday and enjoy the heck out of this weekend. We have plans to do some dancing at a birthday party tonight, run errands, put up shelves, and spend some time outdoors tomorrow. It's supposed to be in the 80s tomorrow and Sloane and I are very excited about another short-sleeve and sandal weathered day. 

Can we stand some more photos from Easter weekend?  I almost forgot about these - we took them after we got back from church on Sunday a few weeks ago. If it looks like we are drenched in spring sun and reveling in the aftermath of church service and full stomachs, it's because we were. 

It's true. I am madly in love with this little family of mine. 

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