Friday, April 3, 2015


Usually during the weekdays it's just me and Sloane having breakfast together, then me taking her to daycare, picking her up and then having dinner with her, which means we are having a lot of conversations these days. I am enjoying them immensely, as I try to stay present and aware of how precious this time is. Once the second babe comes, I know it's going to be harder to have this one on one time and when I remember that, it feels downright luxurious to be able to converse together, just the two of us, while we eat. 

Another reason why I'm practicing being present during this time is because watching a small person aquire language for the first time is absolutely fascinating and I don't want to take it for granted. It's probably one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen; to see a baby become verbal and learn how to communicate with words is constantly mind-blowing.

One Saturday morning we stopped by panera for breakfast on our way to run some early morning errands and I got her a bagel with cream cheese for the first time. I love introducing all kinds of foods to her, explaining what they are and telling her what they can do for our bodies and it was fun seeing how much she enjoyed that bagel. We sat there, the two of us, morning light streaming in, classical music playing overhead and Sloane asking me questions about people we saw. "Isn't this so nice?" I asked her and she agreed. And then she said, "Mom I love having breakfast together with you!"

March 1
The way she takes care of her stuffed animals as if they were babies., "it's ok, it's ok" she says, shushing them and rocking them back to sleep.

March 4
"Mom, I have the hicky ups! (Hiccups)"

March 5
The way she cups her hands to her ears when she hears a noise, dips her head and says, "What is that sound?"

March 7
"Hey mom, hold on a second ok? I'll be right back ok? "

March 8
"You can put your treasures in there honey."
"What are treasures?"
"Things that are important to you, things that you like."
"Mommy and daddy are like my treasures!"

March 10
"Mom what is your birthday called?"
"What month? My birthday is in July."
"My birthday is August.
"That's right, Sloane, it is!"
"When's papa's birthday?"
"It's in March. It's actually very soon it's this Saturday!"
"What about my birthday?"
"Oh honey your birthday is far away."
"No it's not! It's close.., It's close to our house!
(And later at home), "okay mom I'll be back, I'm going to go to my birthday across the street."

March 11
"It's not keep rain not falling on my head"

March 13
While listening to s Veggie tales song and hearing the word, "God" -
"Mom, I have a Gof in my Jesus book!"

March 14
"Mom, sometimes I'm a little bit shy." 

March 15
Some days when I walk into her room to wake her up, she smiles up without even having opened her eyes yet, knowing that I'm there.

March 16
While driving home at night,
"Shh mommy the sun's sleeping"

March 18
"Dad, mom, and me together we are a family !" (She just learned that word, family)

March 20
I was telling her about the rain and told her God sometimes made it rain so that trees and plants can grow. And she thought about it for a moment and said, "what is God doing now?"

March 21
" I want to fly the plane to halmee's (my mom) korean house and read books... And I want to go tomorrow."

March 22
The way she squeals "mommy!" And comes running to me with the biggest smile on her face, eyes sparkling.

March 24
"Mom I want the sun to go to sleep and I want the moon to wake up. and I want the stars to wake up too."

March 25
"Let me think mom."

March 26
"Hey look at that turtle !!" Pointing to an imaginary turtle on the floor. "It's getting away!"

March 28
"Mom, say chachi" 
"That means, boy, ok? .....Say, kaki" 
"That means, girl, mom.....Say, tapa"
"That means mom!"
(....and on and on. We often go over korean words and what they mean, so I think that's what she's doing here, doing what I do with her...but in her own made up language). 

March 29
"Put your phone down mom, and come here!"


  1. These are heartachingly beautiful, especially, "mommy and daddy are like my treasure."

  2. I love having conversations with Sloane!
    I can see why you would want to document what she says monthly! So cute!

  3. And birthday talk is hilarious, oh my!!