Monday, April 6, 2015


We had such a good weekend, I didn't want it to end! We got to eat, relax and celebrate Easter with Ken's family in Virginia Beach this weekend and I felt grateful for every single moment.

We went on a Easter egg hunt on Saturday while we were down there and Sloane was allll business about it. The Easter 'basket' I had put together for her was in a watering pot so she used that to collect her eggs and I couldn't help laughing because she was really into it but didn't crack a smile once while she was collecting the eggs.  She was all concentration and furrowed brow. Afterwards, we excitedly opened all of them up, checked out the petting zoo, got a pony ride and went on a hay ride while eating freshly popped kettle corn.  It was the kind of afternoon where you are caressed by wind and sun, time feels like it standing still, and a catnap is called for afterwards, which we all did when we got home.


  1. seems like such a refreshing warm much do you want to bet she'll be asking for horseback riding lessons in the future?:)