Monday, March 23, 2015


Oh hey Monday, so we're doing this again?

On the way to daycare this morning, Sloane said, "Today is Monday?" And when I confirmed, she wailed, "I don't want it to be Monday, I want it to be Tuesday!" Which I thought was hilarious. She only has a vague sense of the day of the week and I don't think she meant the dig against Monday like I took it, but it was funny nonetheless. 

It was Ken's birthday earlier this month, and I wanted to take up a post jotting down moments from that weekend because we do love birthdays around here. And! we are more fond of weekends than ever before- with Ken traveling during the weekdays, the  weekends feel extra precious.

I love my Crossfit gym, Crossfit Bezel, and I am so glad I have the encouragement from my coach, husband and the other members there to keep moving and being active during my pregnancy. The coaches there are great about modifying everything for the pregnancy to make sure it is all safe and moderating me during my workouts so I feel well taken care of. Yes, it's frustrating at times because I can't do as much or push as hard as I normally would, but for the sake of the baby, my job is to keep healthy, strong and safe, so I'll take what I can get. My workouts have been sporadic lately due to Ken's traveling and my bouts of sickness, but this here is the Friday and Saturday of knocking out workout 15.3 of the Crossfit Games Open workout.

After the workout on Saturday morning, we went over to Union Market because I had a hankering after their sandwiches, which are so good. We shared sandwiches, soup and salad and talked - like we always do - about how all these great places opened up in Church Hill after we moved away and how we missed our window to walk to great bakeries and restaurants on a whim like we always wanted to.

Ken's mom and Ken's cousin, Karen had come up to visit that Thursday before and I'm so glad that they did. I love seeing how happy Sloane gets to see her relatives! Pancakes at Moore Street Cafe is always a treat, and then a photo of Sloane helping me make some fruit salad earlier on that week. We both love fruit and secretly I'm glad I'm the grown up in these situations where I have to restrict how much fruit Sloane eats but then I get to eat as much as I want!

On Saturday, Ken got a massage for his birthday and Sloane and I were going to do some shopping while he got his massage but she fell asleep so I spent some time in the car reading while she slept and then she woke up and gave me sparkly eyes.

For dinner we went to Bonefish Grill where Sloane occupied herself with the crayons and coloring book they gave her,  Ken treated himself to a couple of cocktails and I tried to not feel too jealous of those cocktails as I sipped on my water. I've surprisingly been okay with the no alcohol thing so far this pregnancy (I'm looking at it like its a detox period) but I do miss the occasional wine or cocktail now and then....

And then this was the week after the birthday weekend.  Ken had left for the week on Sunday and I was feeling extra bummed about it.  Emotionally, but also this is when my body started breaking down and by Monday, I was feeling pretty low.  When I picked Sloane up from daycare that day, I told her I wasn't feeling well and she said that she would take care of me (while doing the motion of rocking a baby) and proceeded to be the sweetest little darling girl ever. This is her telling me some story about kitty cat. "You feel better mom?" She would ask occasionally.

I really love this bubble bath from Deep Steep. It smells like grapefruit and bergamot, I love the amount of bubbles it makes and it is made with all natural things so I feel good about soaking in it.  And yes I took so many baths last week.

Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who swooped in on Wed night and basically saved me. Really, I felt rescued and saved by this move. I still had to work as much as I could but it was a huge relief to know that Sloane was in good hands. 

Sloane, of course, loved every minute of it.

 Finally, Friday night...all together again! Unfortunately, not for long. Ken headed out again Sunday night after what felt like an incredibly short weekend, but we got do be together on Sunday for a much needed relaxing day. 

And this week my goal is to take it easy: tone down the to-do lists, try to stay positive about my work, enjoy being with Sloane, and get through the day, one day at a time....I got this! 

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  1. i love how you document life. its beautiful and a challenge to me to savor and remember